Francesca's Bar Mon, Jun 18 2018 19:30

Francesca's Bar Gets The Trivia Tradition Started

Rian H

This was the first of many fruitful trivia nights to come at Francesca's Bar - the mood was relaxed and fun, but the questions were wily buggers, and wouldn't go down easy! Team "Paul O'Halloran, Mall Flop" came out on top with a decent 3-point lead at the end of a solid competition across the bar with "Balgonie Manes." Throughout, we learned some valuable lessons - the room is ambivalent about men's thumb-rings, Rian loves to talk about The Lord of the Rings (so don't get him started), the movie version of Miami Vice was a travesty of filmmaking, and we all saw a record being made out of the anagram question, with the answer coming so fast from one player that all the windows blew out. We can't wait for next week, we're just getting started!

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