Frisco Hotel Tue, Jan 07 2020 18:30

First trivia on 2020!!! Wooo!!!

Daniel L

After two weeks without a trivia experience I was missing the hum of my microphone, so it was with excitement that I strode in to the Frisco last night to find two teams of regulars and not many other punters looking to quiz...
The somewhat diminished squad of Nordic by Nature were to be putting themselves against Kirilys team that makes you go Mmmm with more members than most evenings and also a lot more dogs...
We were fortunate to have a lovely young couple on a date join and a few locals jump in at half time, however it was truly a battle of the titans as the regular foes squared off once again...
Nordic missed the victory by only a few points and Kirilys team once again were the champions and in the words of one member had set the tone for the rest of the year...
So we will see!!! Will Kirilys team continue to win? Will the locals return? Will Nordic by Nature come back to full strength and dominate? Only time will tell so stay tuned, same bat time same bat channel!

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