George's Bar Wed, Jun 20 2018 19:00

Celebrity stories

Luke L

Tonight at George’s we added in a communal swap of lame celebrity stories. An extra value was placed on the stories being about mundane events with celebrities you need to say “she’s from...” about. So while one story was about sitting next to someone from the bachelor on a plane, it would have been improved if it was on an interstate bus.

The winner was our regular second-place getters 'I Let Red Symons Touch My Baby', who were able to produce a photo of one of their players as a baby being held by Red Symons, with his signature smirk/grimace firmly in place. I awarded myself a second place with “I Shampooed the Dad from The Castle”, which is just an astonishing sentence that begs for context but refuses to supply any.

Honourable mention goes to “we worked with a guy from the bachelorette, he got eliminated early but we worked with him at this car park”.

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