George's Bar Wed, May 16 2018 19:00

Michael Burnham

Luke L

What a fun night at George’s! Tonight a question about Spock led me to google whether he had a first name, and we all learned something absurd: in what has got to be simultaneously the laziest and one of the more oddly creative moments in sci-fi history, someone went and named Spock’s half-sister Michael Burnham. No joke. The whole genre of science fiction is full of characters with whacky names, and in a world full of wacky names, what could be whackier than a name that sounds like a guy who works in compliance?

Also, we played trivia, with my favourite team name of the night being a wonderful subversion of a boring classic. Second place was once again won by the wondrous couple who this week warmed the cockles of my heart by calling themselves 'Olivia Newton Trivia'.

With these two things alone, 'the Penske Files' may have won trivia, but I think everyone was the real winner tonight.

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