George's Bar Wed, Sep 26 2018 19:00

Resurrected From The.....

Jake C

It was the night of nights, when darkness spread across the land and grizzly gouls came out to play. Well, maybe not gouls, but George's trivia players!
Horror theme was the one to show your age, if you lived through beta cassette, then dvd and now streaming, you probably have seen a slew of horror films that have spawned a thousand sequels. So it was always going to be a close scream to the finish.
With new comers "Griffendorf" (yep, with a name like that!) barely hitting 20, they were no match for 2nd place at 43, "Reservoir dags" and the master of evil, "Liver alone...get it" taking the horror honors at 45.
The night was barely held together by the trivia host from hell Jason (Jake)...

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Liver alone...get it
Reservoir dags
Freddy was the good guy