George's Bar Wed, May 02 2018 19:00

This Has Nothing to do with Seinfeld

Luke L

What an interesting night. Every single team tonight thought they had arrived at a Seinfeld-themed trivia night! George’s has a bit of a Constanza theme, and so everyone assumed there was to be some sort of theme. One team even studied all week, bless their cotton socks!

However we managed to overcome, largely by occasionally saying “speaking of Kramer....” before asking “what ocean does the coastline of Kenya lie on?” The players greatly enjoyed my complete lack of knowledge of Seinfeld (I haven’t watched it since new episodes aired and have been busy doing stuff since), and of course The George Round, in which we ask a who am I question about a famous George (who knew Melissa George makes more from inventing an infomercial hemline adjuster than from acting?!!)

Anyway, I CANNOT stress enough how little this has to do with Seinfeld

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