Golden Gate Wed, Jul 25 2018 19:30

The Golden Gate Cover

Rian H

Dang! Leigh has clearly run a tight ship with The Golden Gate since he started. Teams were ferociously involved, and very, very keen to get the most juice out of these questions. Also, highly resistant to change. They all knew there Leigh was away and there definitely felt like some initial resistance as the night got underway. By the first picture round they were back into the pocket though.

A large, messy group with experts left, right and centre. Within the first half hour, we had a good-natured, yet intense discussion with a couple of players standing up and heckling each other across the room. Clearly, the rivalries in this crew run deep. The order was restored and maintained throughout the evening. But these teams were ready to steamroller a host who wasn't prepared to bite back a lil'.

Lots of fun, bit of hard work. In the end, only a couple of points separated everyone. 11 teams and only 5 real 'positions' in the finish.

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