Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Dec 04 2018 19:00

Curving Plane!

Jacob S

Grape and Grain hits off yet again with another Trivia Night Tuesday! Always bringing the best kind of company the night was filled with laughter and curiosity.
The Paper Plane Competition started with a few lemon planes twisting closer to where they started. It was "Kevin '07" who had the crowd roaring with their throw; a last moment turn into the ring of the target. They won the free drink!
The Wooden Spoon of Defeat was almost destined to be given to the team in the last place, on 32 points, "I Need A Wooden Spoon To Cook Dinner"; now forever doomed to cook dinner for the household. Third place went to a team who always tries to misspell their name as much as possible, on 43 points, "Digereedoodleexfryz"! Winner of the second place prize, $20 voucher to Chameleon Junction, was "Four Shunts Short" on 44 points! Claiming glory at long last was "See You Next Tuesday" in first place and taking the $50 Grape and Grain voucher home with 45 points! Congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who came!

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