Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, May 29 2018 19:00

Dog Night at the Apollo

Jacob S

With the day winding down and the cold easing its way through our woolly coats, Grape and Grain was the place to stay warm with Trivia Night Tuesday!
The evening was blessed with the humble presence of dogs who love pets; four dogs in fact! Ruby, George, Chilli, and Bailey were all very good boys and girls and received all the pats and cuddles from patrons.
Moving on to the Paper Plane Competition (if you could call it that...) there was a clear winner of the night. 'Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer' hit closest to the little white bird and won the free drink!
“Was Johnny” ended the night on 16 points which means they were able to take home the wooden spoon! Maybe some pasta will help ease their woes. In third place, “Sofa King’s Mart and Ruby” on 42 points. Second and First Place came down to a tiebreaker yet again between “Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer” and the team that made everyone hate me twice, “Hi, My Name Is Jacob and I Hate Dogs”. Guessing the height of the worlds current tallest man (251cm), “Hold Me Closet Tiny Answer” took a stab in the dark and ended up with second place! Taking home the $20 voucher to Chameleon Junction and leaving the first place to “Hi, My Name Is Jacob and I Hate Dogs” (totally not true by the way). They won the $50 voucher to Grape and Grain and bragging rights until next week!
Congratulations and thank you to everyone who came!

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