Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Apr 03 2018 19:00

Got A Spare Seat?

Jacob S

Grape and Grain roared to life tonight with so many people we ran out of chairs and had to get more. However, that didn’t stop the fun evening known as Trivia Tuesday!
Nine teams battled in a game of wits and passion as they all strived to win the famed $50 voucher to Grape and Grain.
The paper plane competition had variations with tipped wings and folded noses. Aiming for the white bird of the Two Birds logo, Sofa King’s Mart hit closest and won the free drink.
Taking the Last Place Trophy home was “Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Magina” who ended the night with 34 points. “Young Ones” took third place with 45 points. All tieing for second were “The Bleached Farceholes”, “John Cusak and the High Fidelities”, and “Sofa King’s Mart” on 46 points. Coming down to a tiebreaker, nearly all teams grossly underestimated how many seeds there are on a Big Mac Bun. Sofa King’s Mart came out on top with the closest guess, winning the $20 Chameleon Junction voucher. Claiming first prize, the $50 voucher, was the rag tag team of Brains Trust who won with a two point lead, on 48 points! Congratulations!
Thank you everybody who came tonight.

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Top Teams
Brain's Trust
Sofa King's Mart
John Cusak and the High Fidelities
The Bleached Arseholes
Young Ones
Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer
The Know It Owls
Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Vagina