Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, May 01 2018 19:00

How Long Can They Keep Gold?

Jacob S

The warm evening beckoned people from their homes to head down to Grape and Grain for Tuesday Night Trivia!
The paper plane competition had a new target this week; the nose of the Mountain Goat. Although no body was even close to the target, there was a draw! It was between Sofa Kings Mart and Grey-T to battle for the free drink in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! There was a crushing defeat when rock beat scissors and Sofa Kings Mart claimed drink.
In last place was The Departed Irish Prince on 15 points. However, because the lone quizzer decided to head off just before the final buzzer, it left the last place prize, the wooden spoon of defeat, to Didgeridoodle on 27 points!
Third place belonged to John Cusak and the High Fidileities on 41 points. There was a tiebreaker for second place between Young Ones and Grey-T. Trying to be the closest guess for the record of longest voluntary breath held (24minutes 3.45seconds) the Young Ones took the $20 voucher to Chamleon Junction with the guess of 20minutes; leaving Grey-T with nothing. Sofa Kings Mart took home the gold again with 46 points; which means they won the $50 Grape and Grain voucher!
Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who attended.

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