Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Mar 08 2016 19:00

Moorabbin's Smartest Shine in Latest Trivia Night at Grape and Grain

Alexander M

Last night, Moorabbin's smartest quiz heads eagerly gathered at one of the South East's nicest venues- The Grape and Grain. A unique and hospitable bar merged with a bottle shop. A warm, friendly and local vibe coupled with great staff and refreshing beers (which was very needed on that 38 degree day!).

It was a tight contest from the beginning and Sofa King's Mart remained consistent to go on and win first place, which included a $50 drink card. The reigning champs have announced they will return next Tuesday to defend their championship so it will be interesting to see if the runners up- Rostef Flametree, who won a gigantic bottle of red for second place, can steal what could have been theirs! Or... A new, unheard of challenger might emerge and surprise us all. Who knows. Either way, we're all excited to find out next week, on the 15th of March at Moorabbin's number one- The Grape and Grain!

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Sofa King's Mart
Rostef Flametree
The Mob
Beer Nuts
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