Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Feb 13 2018 19:00

Origami Time!

Jacob S

Grape and Grain packed out yet again for another fun filled night of Trivia!
Instead of the usual paper plane competition and with Cupids Arrow looming, an Origami Competition was held with the theme of loooove. A puppy dog face, a love heart, and a few cranes were made, but taking the Free Drink was 'I'm Sweaty & Moist' with their origami piece titled 'Nine Months Later'; which was two cranes with a heart joining them and a little baby crane.
After the first round we had 5 teams coming last all on 13 points. Keeping the scores close after the second round with only a few points between them we had 'Girls Gone Wild' coming 3rd on 43 points. 'John Cusak and the High Fidelities' taking second, and free six pack & hat with them, on 44 points. With only a two point lead we have 'Quiz On My Face' on 46 points! Winning the fabled $50 voucher to Grape and Grain!!

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Quiz On My Face
John Cusak and the High Fidelities
Girls Gone Wild
I'm Sweaty & Moist
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