Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, May 22 2018 19:00

Paper Back-Flip Edition

Jacob S

The cold and rainy day didn’t stop anyone from enjoying their night by coming down to Grape and Grain for Tuesday Night Trivia!
With eleven teams, the Paper Plane Compeition was sure to be fierce. However, it seems that people have forgotten how a paper plane works. There were some back flippers, twisters, and even a scrunched up paper with one wing (it counts!). The winner of the free drinks was The Clan Of Fancy Arseholes.
In last place, on 23 points were new contestants “The Chooks”! They received the coveted wooden spoon and hurriedly signed their memorabilia. Third place belonged to “We Drink and We Know Things” on 44 points. A tiebreaker broke out for second place between “Profanitarians” and “Hi, My Name is Jacob and You Can See My Nipples Through My Shirt” on 49 points; both guessing how long it took for the Sydney Harbour Bridge to be completed. “Profantiarians” guessed closest with 3 1/2 years! The answer is 8 years 5 Months and 22 Days. They won the $20 Gift Voucher to Chameleons Junction. First place, with a staggering 54 out of 64, “The Clan Of Fancy Arseholes”! Winning the night and $50 worth of drinks at Grape and Grain! Congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who came!

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Top Teams
The Clan Of Fancy Arseholes
Hi, My Name Is Jacob and You Can See My Nipples Through My Shirt
We Drink and We Know Things
Sikh Can’t
Sofa King’s Mart
The Fishy Fiends
Lekker Bier
The Stripers
What’s Up Man? Not Much
The Chooks