Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Mar 20 2018 19:00

Puppy Fever

Jacob S

With the cold breeze blowing, there wasn’t anywhere better to be than Grape and Grain for Tuesday Night Trivia!
The paper plane competition this week didn’t have many strong flyers. Aiming for the Mexican Hat UFO on the wall, no one hit the target. Hitting closest was Purple Rain though; who won the free drink!
We were brought the presence of dogs tonight, with a couple contenders bringing in their furry companions. Everyone enjoyed a good pat on their way to the bar and they were very good boys!
Show Team came last tonight with 23 points for the night. They didn’t leave empty handed though! Their prize of the golden trophy can be held high to commemorate the time that they came last in trivia! Tying for third place were 'Girls Gone Wild' and 'Cheetos' on 32 points. Second place belonged to three teams! 'John Cusak and the High Fidelities', 'the Profanitarians', and 'Halal Snack Packs' all ending the night with 38 points! A tiebreaker had to cut two teams lose! Having to guess how many square kilometres Port Philip Bay is, everyone missed by a long shot, aiming way too low. 'The Profantarians guesses' closest and won the one time $50 voucher to Chameleon Junction which resides across the street! Prevailing above all the rest, on 43 points, taking the $50 Grape and Grain voucher for themselves, were Sofa King’s Mart! Congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who came tonight!

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Sofa King's Mart
John Cusak and the High Fidelities
Halal Snack Packs
Girls Gone Wild
Purple Rain
What’s Up Man? Not Much
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