Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Sep 25 2018 19:00

Sneaking The Win!

Jacob S

Can you think of a better place to be than The Grape and Grain for Tuesday Night Trivia? No, that doesn’t count.
The crowd was lively and hungry to answer some brain-teasing questions in order to win first prize!
The paper plane competition had few real contenders; many planes swerving too far or not making the distance. “Profanely Unsmart” won the free drink for their throw which was at least 40 cm off.
Winning the Wooden Spoon of Defeat were “The Flaspers” on 36 points; they earned it. Coming third were two teams on 42 points; “The Blazer Bar III” and “Houston, We Have A Problem”. Second prize, a $20 voucher to Chameleon Junction, went to “Live, Laugh, Yeet” with their score of 45 points. Snatching first place right in front of them on 46 points were “Doofhouse Barn”, taking the $50 voucher to The Grape and Grain. Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who came!

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Top Teams
Doofhouse Barn
Live, Laugh, Yeet
Houston, We Have A Problem
The Blazer Bar III
Profanely Unsmart
Sea Bomb
The Flaspers