Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Mar 13 2018 19:00

T-t-t-tie Breaker!

Jacob S

Another balmy night at Grape and Grain with a drink in hand and questions to be answered on Trivia Tuesday!
Fewer teams this week meant the stakes were high during the paper plane competition. No one hit the target, but the closest always wins and it was Mixed Bag who claimed the free drink as their own tonight.
The Star Wars franchise caused some lively debate as it always does; bringing into question what counts as part of the main series. 'Profanitarians' and 'Sofa King’s Mart' were neck and neck on 42. A tiebreaker ensued and the 'Profanitarians' member Landa pulled ahead. Winning the team a six pack and herself a hat!
First place belonged to 'Mixed Bag' with 47 points and they took home the $50 voucher!
Thank you, everyone, for coming tonight!:)

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