Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Apr 10 2018 19:00

The Iron Lady

Jacob S

With the afternoon showers residing but the humidity and heat lingering, Grape and Grain was the perfect place to cool off with a nice craft beer and some trivia for Trivia Tuesday!
A full house meant that the Paper Plane Competition was a battle of the folds to win the free drink. Many planes twisting mid air and falling sadly to the ground allowed Quiz Akabussi to claim that free drink; being the closest to hit the target.
Coming last place, with 27 points, was team Lé Chad! They were able to take home the Last Place Trophy to call their own. Third place belonged to LolWutDitched who ended the night on 44 points. A tiebreaker was left to decide who came second between Kretz Sukz and Sofa King Reunited, both with 47 points. The closest guess as to how tall the Eiffel Tower is would be the brand new owner of a $20 gift voucher to Chameleon Junction. Taking that voucher home was Sofa King Reunited! Winning the night and the $50 Grape and Grain gift voucher on 48 points, just 1 point above the rest, was Quiz Akabussi! Congratulations!
Thank you to everybody who came tonight!

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