Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Jul 10 2018 19:00

Three Spoons

Jacob S

With the cold day behind us and the warm and cozy Grape and Grain being so inviting, the room filled for Trivia Night Tuesday!
The paper plane competition was no competition for our resident sharp shooter on team 'Priapic Dromedary'!
The last place on the leaderboard was looking crowded with three teams ending the night on 35 points; “Young Ones”, “Hi, My Name Is Tessa and No one Noticed My Haircut”, and “The Profanitarians”. Each took home their very own wooden spoon of defeat. “Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer” came third with 50 points. Second place belonged to “John Cusak and the High Fidelities” with 51 points and the $20 Chameleons Junction voucher to take home. With only a point to tell the difference between them, first place and the $50 Grape and Grain voucher went to “Priapic Dromedary” on 52 out of 58 points.
Congratulations and thank you to everyone who attended!

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Top Teams
Priapic Dromedary
John Cusak and the High Fidelities
Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer
Hi, My Name Is Jacob and I Can’t Pronounce Nightmeer
The Clan
The Sir Barrington Spare Me’s
Young Ones
Hi, My Name Is Tessa and No one Noticed My Haircut
The Profanitarians