Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Jun 26 2018 19:00

Triple Tie Breaker?

Jacob S

Another cold night swept the few brave patrons of Grape and Grain in for Tuesday Night Trivia!
Origami Dinosaurs were the halftime game, which led to quite a few impressive folds from the crowd. A pterodactyl, a well-designed stegosaurus, and even the meteor that wiped out the Dinosaurs! The winner, however, was “Dick-Tators” with their aptly named “Phallosaurus” or “MydickisSaurus” and they enjoyed their free drink.
In the last place, holding true to their name was Disaster who ended the night with a score of 19 points and a wooden spoon to take home. To decide the pole positions, the crowd was left in suspense as there were three teams who topped the ladder. 'Crisp Ararat', 'Know It Owls', and 'Sofa King’s Mart' was on 42! A three-way tiebreaker ensued to find out who was coming in first place and a second tiebreaker to find out who would come second. 'Crisp Rat' ended up with the bronze being beaten by 'Sofa King’s Mart', who came second winning the $20 gift voucher to Chameleon Junction, in their closest to tiebreaker. Which means 'The Know It Owls' won first place and the $50 gift voucher!
Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who came tonight!

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