Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, May 08 2018 19:00

Turkey! 🎳

Jacob S

Grape and Grain was again filled with laughter and clinking of glasses as Trivia Tuesday began!
Tonight, the origami competitions was themed “felines”, and that resulted in many cat faces. A few unique creations were “Roadkill Cat”, “Cat Meowing” (see below), and a small paper sculpture of a cat. The latter, John Cusak and the High Fidleities, won the free drink!
The wooden spoon belonged to “What’s Up Man? Not Much” when they ended the night with 27 points. Third place was a tie between “John Cusak and the High Fidelities” and “The Know It Owls” with 46 points. “Don’t Tell Kate” won the $20 voucher to Chameleon Junction and second place on 47 points. Taking home the $50 voucher for a rainy day, on an astounding 54 points (out of 58) was Sofa King’s Mart Redux! Congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who came!

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