Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars Tue, Jul 31 2018 19:00

Walk The Plank!

Jacob S

As night fell and the clouds rolled in tempting the rain; Grape and Grain was alive with the sound of Trivia Night Tuesday!
Another full house of teams trying to beat each other for the grand prize and bragging rights for another week.
The Paper Plane Competition was fast and fierce, a few solid hits against the wall. “Trivia Me Timbers” won the free drink with the best throw of the night.
Ending the night in the last place, however, with 31 points was “Trivia Me Timbers”! Taking the wooden spoon of defeat home with them and a new found appreciation for pasta dishes.
Third place with 40 points was “Barnyard Doof”, who held pole position in the first round but let it slip away. With 42 points in second place “First Place (or not)” who saved face with the addition of “(or not)” halfway through the night. They won a $20 voucher to Chameleon Junction. Lastly, in first place yet again and well ahead of the pack on 50 points was “Sofa Kings Mart”! Adding another $50 voucher to their wad of victories. Congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who came!

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Sofa King's Mart
First Place (or not)
Barnyard Doof
Trivia is Beanie-th Us
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Hi, My Name Is Jacob and I Like A Finger Up The Bum
Trivia Me Timbers