Katuk Thu, Aug 09 2018 19:30

"All I want for Quizmas, Is Clue"

Swanny Y

What an effort by "All I want for Quizmas, is Clue" - the best team name and the best score of the night - rewarded with a $50 voucher.

Our number one joke of the evening came from Damo, scoring himself a pint of Furphys:
'What did the cannibal do after she passed her boyfriend?... Wiped her a**!'

Our second best joke... well who can remember number 2. In any event, it came from a fellow who also scored himself a pint of Furphys.

Hannah from England had the character building experiencing of bombing with her knock-knock joke - it happens to the best of us Hannah, and the worst of us, you need to decide which you are...

Join us next Thursday at 7:30 at The Katuk, for a fun, chilled, night.

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