Katuk Thu, Dec 13 2018 19:30

Someone Needs To Tell "The Quizzards Of OZ" That Australia Hates Tall Poppies!

Sweeney Y

"The Quizzards of Oz" took out the two free drink bonus prizes, AND the top spot at the end of the night!
Their old rivals "The Hot Singles In Your Area" couldn't have been more bitter...
They might be hot but they hold a grudge.
I guess when you're hot you can get away with whatever you want.. How do I know that's true?
Last week I got fined for sneezing in a Thirsty Camel drive through.
If ya ain't good lookin, lifes hard!
Congrats to "Quiz in my Pants" - a team of youthful 19 year olds, none of them checked their phones the whole night and they did pretty well considering the decades of knowledge they lacked!
Love ya and see you next week at Katuk, Thursday 7:30pm.

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