Kodiak Club Mon, May 07 2018 19:30

War of the Creamy Custards

Eve E

It was a wild night of trivia at the Kodiak Club this Monday night, WILD! No, it wasn't the spicy wings or the drunken masses who created the air of chaos and anticipation; it was the unthinkable--"Peter Bernard's Creamy Custards" split into TWO (yes, TWO) teams, creating a frisson of excitement...and terror. Even the chicken wings were on their toes, eagerly waiting to find out if this split would be for one night only, or if it would be the beginning of something more sinister and long-lasting.

However, the fissure, the rift, the schism (!!) of Peter Bernard's Smelly Socks wasn't the only thrill of the evening, as the first round ended with the team The Winners, last week's champions (under the name of No Idea), trailing by more than a few points in last place. The three team members kept their spirits high by winning a round of wings and then a jug of beer, but their brows remained furrowed throughout the second half, and the throne seemed up for grabs. In the end, The Winners slayed the competition like Harry Potter facing a dementor (weak analogy), placing first once again, and snagging the $75 top prize.

Not to be upstaged, however, the two Creamy Custards (like the two Koreas) showed up for a final face-off. Initially tying at second place, the teams were given a final tiebreaker question, leaving The Thicker Creamy Custard in the lead by one point and the original Peter Bernard's... (very long team name) out in the cold. Next week, we'll find out whether, like modern-day North and South Korea, these two teams are able to put aside their differences to discuss reunification, or whether, like 90s North and South Korea, these two teams remain locked in an indefinite and seemingly endless war.

Tune in next week for another night of dreams, drinks, and drama...

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