Lord Dudley Thu, Aug 02 2018 19:00

A Tough Fight Won on The Back of Antarctica

Jarred K

Another night of mega teams when the local tennis group joined in with 16 players split up over multiple teams and another family with a young child who learned some new words/facts. Fewer multiple point questions and perhaps an overall harder batch of questions led to anxiety across the teams following the first half, however the spirit of competition was high and it was a close race to the finish where two teams tied it up at 2nd place and had to face off in a guess at the driest desert in the world - Antarctica.
However, it was a plucky pair with the name of the "East Enders" who took top prize with far and away the best score of the night. Normally attached to a larger group, this lovely duo proved it's inside all of us to be winners, at least every now and then.

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