Lord Dudley Thu, Mar 31 2016 19:00

Controversy Mars Dudley Opening

John M

A shock revelation on the victory podium saw the disqualification of the winners at the opening night of Q1 Trivia at the Lord Dudley in Paddington last night.
Pub owner, Anne Couche, was revealed to have assisted The Thursday Throwbacks to a 1 point victory. Police were called, and after lengthy interrogation, Mrs Couche confessed and was arrested.
The Throwbacks were publicly shamed before being stripped of the $50 bar voucher and banned for life.
This opened the door for the Lightly Toasteds and the Travelling Jackies, who had finished tied on 20 points, to do battle for the title.
Fortunately for the local team and the nation as a whole, the playoff question was blatantly biased towards Australians. The Travelling Jackies had no idea and had to settle for a nice bottle of Merlot whilst the Lightly Toasted were jubilantly chaired to the bar.
Expect more controversy next week when Mrs Couche tries to sneak back in wearing her Groucho Marx nose.

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