Lord Dudley Thu, Jul 19 2018 19:00

From Worst to First

Jarred K

With the regular big players in absentia tonight, the lucky regulars and bewildered newbies faced a fresh match. Due to technical issues, no music snippets could be played, but a box office question proved troublesome and decisive. Coming off the back of a run of low scores, a plucky duo turned into a foursome of power and soared to first place, doubling their PB of weeks past!
It didn't end there, however, as a mere point separated the winners from the runners-up, and 2 teams had to face off in a Tiebreaker to decide who'd walk away with the prized wine. Asked in what year 'Playboy' was founded, it was "The Of Nicks" who got closer to the answer of 1953.

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