Lord Dudley Thu, Sep 27 2018 19:00


Jarred K

If you didn't know by now, bookings are essential for Trivia at The Dudley. We had a full house and we had a good amount of debate. The usual nerds were in attendance and there was a fierce competition between the Frequent champs, "The Boffins", and the sometime-Champs, "The Underachievers", however, it was a new team by the name of "Fistophy" (and who doesn't love a fisting joke?) who beat out the competition in a brutal tiebreaker for 2nd place. And the big turn of the night was when the regular an oft rowdy boys (and girl) of "the Chocolate Snowmen" who coasted into not only a 1st place prize, but also the Heads or Tails 6 pack for a clean boozy sweep; proving once and for all, that intoxication is no excuse for fucking up the answers.

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