Lord Dudley Thu, Aug 16 2018 19:00

How Much is an M Worth?

Jarred K

A bit of drama off the bat is always good, and we saw a tricky situation with over a dozen teams eager to nab the first Free Drink prize of the night, however, the first two guesses were incorrect in thinking the M in Scrabble is worth 4, or 1 point respectively. A wholly new question was needed to award the first drink in all fairness. Things continued to grow competitive with a 9 point spread among the teams after the first half and a nail-biting 6 round game of Heads or Tails.
Securing the lead in the first half and maintaining it by only half a point at the end, our winners clearly deserved the prize, though teams in 3rd and 4th place were not so happy, losing to the winners by a single point, and only losing to 2nd place winners ("The Boffins" of course), by HALF a point.
Trivia can be so very cruel.

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