Lord Dudley Thu, Nov 15 2018 19:00

Lest We Forgot

Jarred K

Plenty of new fish to round out the night and discover the unique joys of a Jarred-hosted Question One Quiz night. The themes were picked up by the savvy and the jokes were flying, but it was a newbie team who took to the lead, knocking out both free drink Qs as well as the top prize. A side note on the prize, this week the wonderful people at The Lord Dudley swapped out the voucher for a lustrous Christmas Hamper full of booze and wine glasses, chocolate and picnic accoutrement.
However, the real standout was our long standing and oft visiting team of "Joan D'arc" with a much earned and long-awaited win to take out the bottle of vino AKA 2nd place prize!

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The Luke Freelys
Joan D'arc & the Dream Team
Mt Cleverest
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