Lord Dudley Thu, Apr 21 2016 19:00

Lumberjacks level the field at The Dudley

John M

The Dudley witnessed one of the greatest comebacks since "I know you are ... but what am I?" last night as Blame Canada scaled the perennial bridesmaids atop Mt Cleverest to take the trophy in another heart stopper in Paddington.
The Why Nots gave up a seemingly impregnable position to finish knocked up and shoeless in third place whilst Kerrie Jane Bailey and the Chuckleberries chortled into fourth.
The Germans from Durre and Pappelapapp had clearly not paid enough attention to TV Week magazine during their Teutonic childhoods to threaten the local contingent. They have promised to rectify their ignorance in the next 7 days and report back for another shot at the title next week.
Until then, Raspberry Berets at half mast and party only like its 1929 ... ;(

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