Lord Dudley Thu, Sep 20 2018 19:00

Reservations and Reverberations

Jarred K

It was another jam-packed night at The Dudley with one team even being turned away as a result of not having a reservation. The whole floor was filled with hopefuls, as well as punters fully aware there was no chance for the crown, but still game for the game itself. The noise grew to absolute fever pitch (probably thanks to alcohol, which is known to kill your hearing, amongst other things, like bad memories from when you were young and being rude to that girl you liked, Natalie, and you always regretted it because it was the first time you felt you could be honest, and truly had a chance at happiness, but didn't, and then school ended and you never saw her again, so alcohol kills that memory, until right before you want to go to sleep, and you have a dream about an alternate future, which is happy and glorious, then you wake up even more sad).
Suffice it to say, it was loud and rowdy, with many points given away like candy from a van, but one you can trust, like a Mr Whippy. Sadly there were a couple of close calls and the top two prizes were taken out by notorious teams, both with multiple Golds and Silvers under their belts.

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