Lord Dudley Thu, Sep 22 2016 19:00

The Drift Returns

John M

After serving out their one month suspension for team stacking, the Mexican Drift returned to remind the competition who works out the hardest, with a muscular display in front of a packed house.
Sheila was back to her best, applying all of her 92 years experience to bring the Sheilas into the vaulted 2nd last position to take home the bottle of wine. They usually frisk her at the nursing home, so she drank it on the way home.
Dennis and the girls were back for a night of adaptive cheating, whilst the Tennis boys clearly need to call for new balls.
On a brighter note, the crowd established that Liam Hemsworth is hotter than Brad Pitt. Stay tuned for more revelations in our new "The Intelligence of Crowds" section.

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