Lord Dudley Thu, Aug 30 2018 19:00

Tied at First and Second

Jarred K

A rambunctious crowd saw fierce competition and a long night battling away for the top prize. We saw a birthday from regular "Egghead wannabe Jo", as well as some locals with a couple of cute dogs who just couldn't stand the heat.
A group of local guys were lured into playing a few questions with no intention of sticking around to the end but saw an impressive first half score as well as the honour of taking out "Heads of Tails" with a bit of Jack Kerouac knowledge.
Unfortunately, it was a close call for first and second with 2 teams tied at 41, but a further 2 teams tied at 44. Ultimately a closed ballot guess at how many Starbucks stores there are worldwide left "Paula Pandzless" with the 2nd place prize as they were a solid 20k stores off the mark!

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