Lord Dudley Thu, May 24 2018 19:00

Was it Heads, or was it Tails?

Jarred K

All confidence went out the window when crunch time came. A few of the dozen teams were thrown early on but gained renewed energy with the multiple points offered in the music round and the picture questions. However, once it was down to 'Heads or Tails', the fierce fight for the 6-pack began. 7 questions are what it took to yield a champion and only by a bit of cajoling after 3 straight questions saw the remaining 4 teams unanimously answer. Finally, one team took a stance and discovered that Argentina is where you'll find the highest peak in South America.
However, the unsurprising news came at the end, when 'The Boffins' took the top prize for the 2nd week running, re-affirming their stance as Dudley legends.

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