Lucky Coq Wed, Dec 13 2017 20:30

Fun Coq!

Andrew B

There's a team of Coq regulars who love coming second. Even in a tiebreaker situation they are happy to give it away for the not so coveted second place $30 voucher. Maybe they can't be trusted with winning and getting $50 to spend as they wish on Pizza and beer. Maybe their other-halves have said "Coming second is more gentlemanly". I'm not sure of the reason. We all have our weird little things we do. It's what makes life so wonderful. A rich tapestry of weirdness. That's trivia at the Coq for ya! Well done to 'You're a Quizzard Harry' as that's the 432nd time I've heard that name at trivia. Also well done on winning by a point! The anagram did it for ya!

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