Lucky Coq Wed, May 02 2018 20:30

How wide is it?

Andrew B

The West Gate Bridge spans Melbourne's famous mud river, the Yarra. Some people think it's 110m wide, honestly 'some people!'. It's not that wide at all and it cost you second prize! For those who have no idea what I'm on about, that was how the second place tiebreaker unfolded last night. Just one of the many facets that make up the best trivia night on Chapel Street! Come and see for yourself every Wednesday from 8.30pm.

The Work Friends were in front at the main break but Carpet Cleaners came storming home and did not get a question wrong in the second half, plus they got the anagram bonus! But hey, not everyone is there to win are they, or are they? Because many teams certainly don't play like they want to... See you soon xx

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