Lucky Coq Wed, Jun 06 2018 20:30

Lucky Coqerama

Andrew B

Well the rugby was in town so we could blame that for a lower than normal turnout but still, 24 teams battling it out for the main prize is still good enough for me! The regulars were all in to do battle and it came right down to the wire for second place with an astonishing tiebreaker to seal it! 'John Cussack' and the High Fidelities were in fine form all night and were unstoppable right to the end. But it was the battle for second which stole the limelight. The question was 'In days what is the longest a human has spent continuously in space?' One team put 1000 days, the other put 434 days... the answer 437... swoon's all around!! See you next week trendsetters!

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