Maeve Fox Thu, Jun 22 2017 19:30

I Quizzed in my Pants... When someone won $300!!!!

Sweeney Y

Its not often I quiz in my pants* but when I do, I like it when someone at my quiz wins $300 cash. Does that last sentence make sense? Well, you've got to ask yourself: "sasquatch?"
Explanation: A team called 'I Quizzed in my Pants' won - and someone from their team won $300 in the post-quiz jackpot - see the attached photo of him 'making it rain' with cash.
Other teams didn't follow my instructions to name their team with something both involving a pun and being heinously rude: 'Booth 2', 'We Faxed Up', 'The Three Muskateers.'

*often < 2wice a week

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