Maeve Fox Thu, Jun 15 2017 19:30

Pavlov's Dongs take home top spot - INCREDIBLE tie breaker finish

Sweeney Y

Holy..... that was a close one! Pavlov's Dongs finished with a winning 36, just one point ahead of the two teams tied for second place: Phoning It In, and Pussy Power, both on 35. We went to a tie breaker question to determine who would take home the 2nd place voucher - and both teams answered it correctly! We went to a second tie breaker question: Who was the protagonist in the film the Sound of Music - Phoning It In yelled out 'Maria' then Pussy Power yelled out 'Von Trapp' - the correct answer is Maria Vonn Trapp so I screamed in their faces 'I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW!' - I dug a tiebreaker question from a previous round - 'How many days was Tony Abbott in Office?' - Phoning it In were closer to the answer of 726. Hence they were rewarded with a generous voucher for the bar while Phoning It In endured a sickening sense of loss and worthlessness.

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