Miss Moses Tue, Jan 07 2020 19:00

The Marvellous Mrs. Moses

Camden T

As the reality of the new year dawns on our coal fuelled lungs full of smoke, the game was afoot! It didn’t take long for the teams to divide and concur their way through the questions much unlike the film Gladiator - and yes, I was by far entertained. The banter in the air was strong from the members of “Girls Gone Oscar Wilde” (by far the best team name I have heard in a long time, but also who doesn’t live a bit of literary humour?) who stole the night away with a massive 40 points. The most random recurring joke of the night though was due to one team talking about a leaking fan belt... which for some reason just kept coming up, and even to this moment writing this blog I have no clue as to why it was hilarious. Because if I knew, well, I would try and explain but alas... I can’t. Which I guess in some sense is a testimonial to trivia - some things just aren’t worth repeating as to enjoy it one must be there to experience it.

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