National Hotel Wed, Nov 21 2018 19:00

Cheers For That!

Gosha R

Smiling faces filled the downstairs bar of the multi level National Hotel for another ripper round of trivia.
5 teams battling it out for the coveted $50 tab to spend at the bar.
In amongst tonight’s competition we learned that if you’re tired of your customer service job, you can alleviate boredom by trying to slip in the word 'gizz' when interacting with customers. Staff member to slip in the most 'gizzes' throughout the shift wins. 'Oh, gizz for that' instead of saying 'Oh, cheers for that' is a perfect example of how to seamlessly slip it into conversation. Quite an interesting notion, which seemed to tickle the taste buds of some of tonight’s teams, who then tried to outdo each other, slipping the phrase into as many conversations as possible throughout the night, resulting in many laughs throughout the evening.
Coming out in top tonight were "The Early Birds" who lost a point for their additional team member as well as receiving a point deduction for over the top confidence during end of game score announcing... which did not harm their first place position.

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