National Hotel Wed, Sep 05 2018 19:00

Neck And Neck

Gosha R

First round of Trivia at The National Hotel for SPRING!!! Everyone feeling a little more cheerful than usual after a day of sunshine.

Birthday boy "Digby" was one of the first punters to arrive and he was quick to round up "his darlings" to form his trivia team of six.

“Relatively Trivial”, all family members, representing 3 generations, were hot contenders for the evening, coming out with the top score at halftime, only two points away from a perfect score.

Hot on their tails, “Waiting On The Females” attempting to defend their title as last week’s winners came out from behind in the final round and took out the newcomers by half a point.

The snake making competition, using a single A4 sheet of paper, caused a bit of commotion... teams were in a frenzy. Some teams asking for new sheets of paper in their attempt to make the longest paper snake. “Digby’s Darlings” found a pocket knife and quickly took to work. Upon submitting their perfectly tailored paper snake all teams exploded with cries of “cheats” and “rigged”. On a technicality, “Digby’s Darlings” clarified that I never instructed them to TEAR the paper to create the snake but only used the word MAKE... However, due to an uproar, their perfectly cultivated snake was disqualified... HOWEVER, another Digby’s team member had also torn a snake from another A4 sheet and it was, in fact, the LONGEST snake in the room, scoring them a jug of beer after all! The commotion was worth it!

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