National Hotel Wed, Oct 31 2018 19:00

Not All Spooky

Gosha R

The night started off with a strange power outage flash for a split second. Everyone blamed it on the ghost of Halloween and then game play resumed as normal.
One of the members of team "Sister Act" won the jug of beer for heads or tails and saved it till the youngest member of their team turned up, who was pleased she had a jug to drink virtually all to herself. Now that’s team spirit!!!
Lots of regular teams were in the house with the exception of "The Safety Scissor Sisters" who were a brand new team enjoying their first trivia experience at The National Hotel.
"Fact Hunt" took out the night with a hefty lead of 8 points ahead of second place. It was right scores from there. Second and third place only separated by half a point.
"Waiting on Hillary" (usually winners on a Wednesday night) realised how invaluable Hillary actually is to their game play, as they took out second last place during her absence.
See you next week!

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