National Hotel Wed, Aug 22 2018 19:00

Paper Scissors Rock

Gosha R

Second week in at The National Hotel, Geelong with an all new crowd of trivia enthusiasts was a close night of competition.

Half time saw only a couple of points between first and last place. Everyone feeling confident and ready to take on the challenge of round two... wanting to assert their dominance over the competition.

The round of “heads and tails” was quickly rebranded into “knobs and knockers” after a suggestion from the crowd. Everyone was happy to oblige and alter their actions to fit.

With two teams coming is second last, they had to fight it out for the packet of chips concellation prize... a quick round of “paper, scissors, rock” found us a winner in “Salty Balz Aftermath” who decided to venture into the pub for some workmate bonding time.

Winners, “Rupert Pumpkin” were the quiet achievers, leaving everyone stunned when they came out just a point ahead of “Waiting On The Females”.

Close game for all the teams tonight, but thoroughly enjoyable.

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Rupert Pumpkin
Waiting On The Females
Paul Blart
Salty Balz Aftermath
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