National Hotel Wed, Oct 17 2018 19:00

Quiz Master Serenades Crowd

Gosha R

The rainy evening called for something a little different tonight.... An intimate serenade was an appropriate choice for the music round this fine evening at The National Hotel in Geelong.
Instead of turning the the usual audio for the sound round, tonight, host Gosha treated the crowd to something a little special. An A’Capella rendition of 4 songs for punters to guess. 'Smile' by Charlie Chaplain, 'Make You Feel My Love' made popular by Adele but written by Bob Dylan, 'Wish You Were Here' Pink Floyd and 'Ought To Know' by the one and only Alanis Morisette.
Bonus points were handed out throughout the night for crowd participation. 1 bonus point awarded to "Waiting on the Females" for a dodgy Jar Jar Binks impersonation and another point awarded to "The Push" for a rendition of the opening sounds of The Lion King.

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