National Hotel Wed, Nov 07 2018 19:00

Seven For Seven Eleven

Gosha R

Seven teams turned up for trivia on the 7th of the 11th, half we’re returning regulars and half were made up of new teams coming for the first time.
Overall everyone aced it in round 1. Majority of teams sitting on a score of 18 with two front runners out on 23 and 24.5 points. It was round 2 that had the majority scratching their heads in their quest to get points on the sheet.
Teams commented on enjoying the animal cryptic questions as a break from the suburbs and localities, despite finding them challenging.
Lots of banter and smiling face throughout the night. Team "She’s Back" took the risk of playing as one team of 8 and not splitting up into two smaller teams of 4. They understood that two points would be deducted from their overall score for the two additional members on their team. Despite the risk, they persevered and it paid off when they took out the night a point and a half ahead of second place after two points were deducted.

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