Penny Black Wed, Oct 11 2017 20:00

Wednesday Night Madness at The Penny Black

Eve E

Wednesday night was a big night at The Penny Black, where 11 teams competed for this week's special grand prize -- a $150 voucher to The Penny Black! The break time competition this week was a dance-off to (crowd favourite) Shania Twain's 'Man, I Feel Like a Woman', with the winning team judged by the bar staff. The pitcher went to 'Bernie and the Jets' after their dancer did some kind of snazzy back flip that left the crowd in awe. In the end, it was 'Bastard Squad' that won the night with 35 points, tonight being their first win after several years of attending trivia at The Penny Black but also one of the biggest prize nights so far! Come by next week for trivia, drinks, and a chance to show off your dance moves!

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Bastard Squad
Olivia Newton John
Weinstein's a Fine Time
Quizzy Rascals
Bernie and the Jets