Phoenix Woollahra Tue, Feb 21 2017 19:30

Another Fantastic Night of Quizzing in Woollhara

Jarred K

It was another beautiful night in Woollhara and despite a couple of teams being late to the party, it was soon back to the normal, packed in crowd that makes Tuesday a fixture at the Phoenix. A not so triumphant return by the big table team, no longer in the good habit of reserving their trademark table, and still in a losing slump sadly. Meanwhile the power trio of Vicki, Nicki, and Nick took out another win, which is a back to back win for their past two appearances. We all also learned that when you split a team of 10 into two teams divided by gender, they are both equally matched, and equally competitive.
In addition, our mid-way speed game for the bonus point proved that some people know a heck of a lot about car manufacturers.

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